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What Should a Personal Trainer Wear?

Looking the part in the personal training business is essential due to the nature of the job. Having a uniform for your business is not only a great way to advertise your services, but also allows you to look professional and will entice more people to sign up to your business. Having a uniform can also help your personality shine through depending on what you choose to wear, furthermore attracting potential clients.

The more professional you look, the more clients you draw in. As personal training is based around aesthetics and wellness, it’s important to look and feel the part. Once you have an established client base, they may even choose to purchase one of your t-shirts, which is further marketing for your brand! 

As a personal trainer you probably won’t be confined to just the gym. Clients may opt for doing outdoor sessions at local parks. Wearing branding clothing will help members of the public who may be passing by to remember your business and will help you stand out from competitors. 

Your uniform should be practical for your active role, meaning that it should be comfortable and have wicking properties to help you be sweat-free at work. We can assist you in designing and creating the perfect uniform, which will stand out from the crowd! Whether you want to opt to keep it clean and simple or fun and bold, we can help! If you have a few ideas in mind and want to experiment yourself, have a go on our kit configuartor and share your designs with us! 

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